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02: Beginnings

When stuck on a polluted island with a looming risk of sudden death, it is important to keep oneself occupied. A suggested way of doing this is to read the newspaper provided by the off-shore prisoners who occasionally visit the island. However, since most of the paper is just Ellder Councill propaganda and gossip, the Founding Eight usually devote their attention elsewhere.

Some have chosen to pick up a craft, either out of creative curiousity or to improve trading opportunities - 

- while others simply lie back and try to enjoy themselves the best they can.

Randy and Samantha Huffman found quite the treasures buried under their land and have used the excess money from their trade to become grocers.
By stocking up on various foodstuff and other necessities, then selling these forward to their neighbors, both delivery time and cost has been greatly reduced for the inhabitants of the island.

Thanks to his previous experiences in, ehm... botany, Randy has even been able to grow tomato plants out of the soil previously considered useless.
His results give hope that maybe the island isn't as poisonous as previously believed - however, eating from the harvest is still at one's own risk.

Despite the expectations to "only have eyes for one's spouse", the nature of Randy's and Jeremy's relationship did not change from what it had been at the processing center.

While Samantha didn't care much at all (being rather disappointed herself to have to spend her life with only one partner), Melissa was outraged. Becoming a housewife was a dream she'd tried to achieve for ages and now that she finally had the chance, her husband wouldn't even look at her.

Would he end up in the same state as her previous partner?

No, this time she was going to give it her all, courting him by the book instead of giving up at the sight of an obstacle. She knew in her heart that his would always belong to someone else, but she hoped that bit by bit, he would eventually come to see her as more than just a roommate.

And while Jeremy may not have felt a physical attraction towards his wife, a deep connection eventually formed between them - the type of love that arises slowly, from sharing nearly every hour of the waking day in each other's company and almost every night huddling for warmth in each other's arms.

Lawrence and Tiffany Lawless experienced the same type of problem at first, but since his heart and soul would always belong to grilled cheese sandwiches, the gender of his partner was less important.

It didn't take long until each household saw their own heir, as mandated by the breeding program. Luckily for those who don't particularly enjoy being brood mares, each of the first borns wound up male.

Johnny Huffman
  5 neat
  6 outgoing
  8 active
  8 playful
  8 nice

Jesse Garth
  9 neat
  7 outgoing
  9 active
  3 playful
  1 nice

Peter Lawless
  6 neat
  5 outgoing
  8 active
  3 playful
  3 nice

Since Jane (and every other woman for that matter) refused to get intimate with Jack, the supervising llamas saw no other way out for them than to let them adopt children from the off-shore juvenile center.

Yes, in Simvania even children are capable of committing crimes (such as jaywalking and not getting off the Grand Llama's lawn) - consequently they too lose their citizenship and are removed from their homes to take part in the experiment.

Phil (Landchild) Young
  6 neat
  3 outgoing
  6 active
  4 playful
  6 nice

Regina (Phillips) Young
  7 neat
  4 outgoing
  1 active
  8 playful
  5 nice

While there was no real attention payed to bedtimes, nutritional values and other typical parental concerns, the Young children never lacked love - and isn't that the most important part of any family?

"Oh my god Mom, chill. We've heard that story a thousand times already."

~End of rotation