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01: The Processing Week

The processing center - from the looks of it once a storage facility - is the last remaining ruin on the island. It has been rebuilt by worker droids and is being operated from the mainland using remote control technology. Thanks to the automated (and electrified) doors, only the most basic service droids are required to keep the inmates fed and the water somewhat running.

In addition to cells, showers and cantine, the processing center also has areas for various recreational endeavors, as well as a ceremonial chapel.

"Why won't they acknowledge me? Ladies are supposed to love musicians!"

The inmates have been getting along unexpectedly well with another.

Tiffany: "Fine, you can sit with us, but enough of this sandwichophilia talk already."

Some of them have even begun forming romantical ties. Cellmates Randy Huffman and Jeremy Garth seem to be exceptionally close to another - in love, even - but since the Grand Llama wouldn't let them be together anyway, they have chosen not to exclude other hearts from their ménage.

The mental state of the prisoners has been rather stabile considering the circumstances, although there is constant worry about the future. Who will eventually succumb to the 32 % chance of death, and when? What if the Grand Llama decides to abort the colony, sending the inmates back to an to even more certain death?

There has yet to be any rioting or other forms of insubordination, apart from Lawrence's occasional hunger strikes about "not being allowed to practice his ideology". Thankfully the service droids have been programmed to recognize this sort of behavior and consequently force-feed the sim in question to make sure they stay alive until the island has a chance to kill them.

At long last came the day of the weddings, with an officient from the mainland reading out instructions and vows through a speaker. The Tiki idol next to the arch is meant to remind the inmates that declining to marry whomever has been chosen for them would be a highly foolish decision.

The Grand Llama (who had followed select parts of life in the center through a video camera) had noted the high affection Randy Huffman felt for Samantha Lillard, and thus allowed him to request her as his wife.

The other couples were chosen rather arbitrarily, but no one seemed to complain too much (possibly because of the Tiki idol, but who knows?):

Jeremy Garth and Melissa Bertino -

- Lawrence Despret and Tiffany Mendoza (or the "Lawless" couple as they would thereafter be called) -

- and finally Jack Young and Jane Kim.

"Finally a lady I can smooch!"

"Ew, no. Not even if you were a girl."

With the ceremonies conducted the processing was declared complete, leaving each couple to claim a plot of land and build their shelter.
~End of rotation