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03: Life goes on

The funny thing about life is that you never know how long the rest of it will be. Death can be a silent dancer, pulling the rug from underneath your feet when you least expect it.

Jeremy and Melissa Garth were the first victims of the Simbia Sickness. Their bodies were swiftly buried in the backyard and their house left as it was. Out of respect or fear (or both), no one dared remove even one piece of the furniture for their own use.

Being the closest family friends, the Huffmans took it upon themselves to raise Jesse alongside their own son.

Although he couldn't remember a lot about his parents, the memories other people had of them lived on through his appearance, since he turned out to be their spitting image.

Johnny and Jesse became very close and considered themselves brothers, although on paper (and per the request of Randy Huffman), Jesse would be considered the Garth heir, not a Huffman spare.

The true spare, Kyle, wouldn't come until later, with his twin sister Theresa unexpectedly tagging along.

The birth of the twins took a great toll on Samantha's mental health. One child had been enough, two somewhat of a burden, but now four, alongside a full-time business? It was too much.

Luckily, by the time of her breakdown the couple had saved up enough money to let part of the workload fall on a visiting shoulder. The llama authorities didn't object, as the colony is considered an extension of the off-shore detention center, and thus followed the employee with great interest.

Meanwhile, Tiffany was thrilled to receive another addition to the family.

Bobby Lawless
  9 neat
  10 outgoing
  3 active
  4 playful
  9 nice

She wouldn't mind having more children than the mandated ones, but since the Lawless couple have too started a business, there is little to no time left over for family activities.

Currently their little backyard shop sells sculptures and toys crafted by Tiffany, largely made from materials found on the island, as well as some of Lawrence's paintings.

The Young family finally fulfilled their breeding requirement as well, through the adoption of a li'l rascal named Carl.

Carl (Jitmakusol) Young
   5 neat
   8 outgoing
   6 active
   3 playful
   3 nice

Perhaps inspired by their neighbors' enthusiasm in business ventures, Jane claimed the plot of land next to their residence and had an open stage constructed on it, available to use for anyone with some spare change at hand.

Through the money raised from renting out the instruments, the family soon opened a clothes stall next to the stage, offering imported clothes from SimVania as an alternative to the second-hand ware handed out by the authorities. Much to Jane's disappointment, only a few customers agreed to let her practice her stylist skills on them.

Phil and Regina eventually became teenagers and since there isn't much else to do on the island, they spend most of their days either working or hanging out at their parents' venue. Phil has grown dreams of studying literature at a university and is currently writing a novella about life on the island. Once it's finished, he hopes to get it published in SimVania and perhaps that way earn a scholarship that would enable him to follow his dream. Meanwhile, Regina stays true to the Young outlook on life: